What We Do

Transdisciplinary Choral Music

New Approaches

  • »Time Travellers«

    As human-beings, we are all time travellers. The world around us is changing, but so are we. Our next transdisciplinary project undertook such a journey through time: Films and images, performance and music tell of the becoming and passing of all things and our very existence.

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    As a transdisciplinary sound experience and spatial installation, THE WORLD TO COME dissolves the boundaries of ordinary choir concerts. Working from a concept and direction by Tilman Hecker and a composition by Birke J. Bertelsmeier THE WORLD TO COME combines contemporary musical trends with Beethoven's masterpiece in a concert installation.

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  • Foto Rundfunkchor Berlin beim »human requiem«

    »human requiem«

    Rediscover the familiar: Together with Jochen Sandig and a team of the dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests Rundfunkchor Berlin stages a choreographed version of Brahms’ Requiem.

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  • Chor, A Bird in »LUTHER dancing with the gods«

    »LUTHER dancing with the gods«

    A genre-crossing project: The celebrated American director and the Rundfunkchor Berlin shone an unusual spotlight on Martin Luther.

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  • »cosmic lights«

    Hearing the Northern Lights: Combining sound and vision Rundfunkchor Berlin and the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin under Gijs Leenaars traced the fascination of this magnificient natural spectacle.

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  • »LOVER«

    A West-Eastern love dialogue: Christian Jost’s LOVER, an intercultural work for ritual percussion and the human voice on the theme of love.

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  • Foto Angst


    An opera for chorus: in Christian Jost’s Angst the story line is conveyed chorally. With the aim of redefining the role of the chorus in music theatre, Rundfunkchor Berlin commissioned a new work from Jost.

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  • Foto Ernst Pepping Passionsbericht

    St. Matthew Passion

    A cappella singing and war ruins: in Hans Werner Kroesinger’s staging, Pepping’s Matthew Passion becomes a matter of coming to terms with the German past, a tug-of-war between betrayal and grace.

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  • Strauss and Antiquity

    A cappella music in Berlin’s Neues Museum: Rundfunkchor Berlin invited its audience to a Wandelkonzert, or moveable concert, in the Neues Museum to discover Richard Strauss as a choral composer.

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  • Foto Johannes-Passion

    »St. John Passion«

    Blood, sand, stones: in Lars Scheibner’s staging of MacMillan’s St. John Passion (2009), the Passion story becomes sensually palpable.

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  • Foto Der versiegelte Engel

    »The sealed angel«

    The magic of sound in motion. In Lars Scheibner’s choreography for Shchedrin’s The Sealed Angel choral music enters into a dialogue with dance.

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  • Foto Liberté, Cameron Carpenter


    For ten years now, Rundfunkchor Berlin has been actively involved in the development of new concert formats through its series “Broadening in Concert”. In collaboration with innovative figures from diverse artistic disciplines, it is exploring previously uncharted worlds of experience for choral singing.

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  • Foto Sāvitri


    Contortionists in a concrete bunker: Lars Scheibner stages Gustav Holst’s chamber opera Sāvitri in Berlin’s Berghain, one of the world’s hippest techno clubs.

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  • Foto The Veil of the Temple

    »The Veil of the Temple«

    Night Watch: to experience Tavener’s The Veil of the Temple spectators spent a whole night in Berlin’s contemporary art museum.

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Totally Classical

Symphonic, Chamber and a cappella Choral Music

  • Chorus & Orchestra

    Rundfunkchor Berlin’s concerts for chorus and orchestra are both varied and multi-faceted. The choir appears regularly with leading international orchestras. It maintains an intensive collaboration with the Berliner Philharmoniker as well as with Berlin’s Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester and Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester. Rundfunkchor Berlin showcases its enormous versatility in the great classics of the symphonic choral literature as well as in world premieres of contemporary works.

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  • RundfunkchorLounge

    You’ve never experienced Rundfunkchor Berlin like this before. Starting in the 2016-17 season the Chamber Music series is presented in a new format. For members of the chorus that means: come down from the podium and into the lounge. For the public, it means: no longer only experiencing the singers in the classical concert situation, but now also meeting them in a relaxed conversational atmosphere.

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  • Künstlerfoto Rundfunkchor Berlin 2020

    A cappella

    The sound of choral music in its purest and most intimate form: in its superb a cappella concerts, Rundfunkchor Berlin displays an uncanny knack for adapting to the widest imaginable repertoire.

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Sing Along

Lots of Voices, One Great Feeling

  • Mitsingkonzert

    Sing-Along Concert

    An electrifying classic! Year after year, this concept continues to captivate the singers of the world: 1300 lovers of vocal music from many different countries come together in the Berlin Philharmonie to learn a symphonic choral work with Rundfunkchor Berlin and then perform it in concert.

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  • Teatro degli Arcimboldi

    Sing-Along Concert on Tour

    Rundfunkchor Berlin takes the Sing-Along Concert on its travels abroad. Aficionados of singing come together in the great concert halls of the world to prepare a symphonic-choral work together with the professionals.

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  • Festival of Choral Cultures

    On the occasion of the Festival of Choral Cultures, the Rundfunkchor Berlin invited guest choirs from all over the world to celebrate the diversity of choral music together.

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  • The SING! Initiative

    How can children be permanently attracted to the art form of singing? How can we guarantee that they will continue to enjoy singing? And how can we foster a positive atmosphere at schools? With SING!

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  • Song Exchange

    The sing-along concert for schoolchildren: every year several hundred of them come together in the Berlin Philharmonie and present a concert together with Rundfunkchor Berlin.

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  • Bild Symphonic Mob 2017

    Symphonic Mob

    Der »Symphonic Mob« des Deutschen Symphonie-Orchesters Berlin bietet allen, die ein Instrument beherrschen oder gern singen, die Chance, mit den Musikerinnen und Musikern eines professionellen Klangkörpers zu musizieren. Als Rundfunkchor Berlin sind wir zum zweiten Mal dabei und laden dazu ein, im Spontanchor mitzusingen.

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  • Kampagnenmotiv Hand in Hand

    Hand in Hand

    Rundfunkchor Berlin has established a new form of collaboration with selected amateur choirs called “Hand in Hand”.

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Fostering the next generation and shaping the future

  • Foto Schola des Rundfunkchores Berlin

    Rundfunkchor Berlin’s Schola

    The Academy scholars of Rundfunkchor Berlin join singing students from German conservatories for intensive rehearsals of vocal chamber music. At the end of this phase of ensemble work, the Schola presents a final concert with a demanding chamber-music programme.

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  • Rundfunkchor Berlin’s Academy

    For young singers seeking to learn about the detailed ensemble work of a professional concert choir and to experience it close up in collaborations with the great orchestras and conductors.

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  • Berlin International Masterclass for Choral Conducting

    Every other year, Rundfunkchor Berlin offers the Berlin International Masterclass to support the training of choral conductors at conservatories and universities. The students are exposed to the essential skills for professional choral work and given the opportunity at the beginning of their careers to gain practical experience with a world-class ensemble.

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