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Festive Berlin mass based on Ludwig van Beethoven’s »Missa solemnis«

Beethoven’s »Missa solemnis« is one of the greatest choral works of all time. With this exceptionally skillful composition and moving piece of music, Beethoven transcended the traditional framework of the mass. What was meant to set the church service to music became a highly subjective confession of faith. »Et expecto […] vitam venturi saeculi« – »I expect […] the life of the world to come«, reads the last line of the »Credo«. Beethoven’s interpretation is somewhat comforting.


But what was a source of hope for the great humanist Beethoven 200 years ago, might often be a seen as troublesome and full of concerns these days. What will the world of tomorrow look like?


Working from a concept and direction by Tilman Hecker and with a score by Birke J. Bertelsmeier THE WORLD TO COME combines contemporary musical trends with Beethoven’s masterpiece in a transdisciplinary concert installation. Together with the Rundfunkchor Berlin and the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester under the musical direction of Gijs Leenaars, the artists Birke J. Bertelsmeier, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Moor Mother, Colin Self and Planningtorock are taking the themes and music of Beethoven’s mass as the starting point for a musical course through Vollgutlager and the club SchwuZ.


Learn more about the project from director Tilman Hecker and dramatic advisor Dominikus Müller

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