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What We Do

The SING! Initiative

How can children be permanently attracted to the art form of singing? How can we guarantee that they will continue to enjoy singing? And how can we foster a positive atmosphere at schools? With SING!

SING! – This is the educational initiative launched in 2011 by Rundfunkchor Berlin. Cooperating partners are the Berlin primary schools, district music schools and the Berlin State Music Academy.

SING! aims to restore singing to its intrinsic place in the daily school curriculum. After all, singing has long been a motivating and creative enrichment of teaching. SING! wants to instil in school children an ongoing attraction to the art form of singing.

  • At present, there are nearly 500 kids from different school classes who sing in specially created SING! choirs.
  • Teachers and educators are systematically introducing singing into their instruction. They use the diversion of a song to enhance concentration and stimulate fresh motivation in the children.
  • They receive the tools they need in the SING! materials and further training.
  • No printed music is used in the singing. Instead it relies on total physical involvement, responding to the child’s natural urge to move.
  • The repertoire embraces songs in a variety of languages, acknowledging the multi-culturalism of Berlin’s schools and encouraging open-mindedness and tolerance.
  • The schoolchildren encounter singing as a profession – through school visits by mentoring singers and attendance of Rundfunkchor Berlin rehearsals.
  • The SING! choirs and other school choirs are presented at the radio chorus’s Liederbörse (Song Exchange), at neighbourhood concerts and school celebrations – special highlights of the school year!