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»Time Travellers«

As human-beings, we are all time travellers. The world around us is changing, but so are we. And the older we get, the more often we look back. We learn, we reflect–and hopefully we gain a little wisdom. Our next transdisciplinary project undertook such a journey through time: It starts with a person looking back on his life, on all the detours and branches, the small disputes and major battles–and on the joys along the way. Expressing an unquenched thirst for life, this man calls out: “O Earth, return!” If only one could start life over.

“The Passing of the Year” by British composer Jonathan Dove formed the backbone of an evening when the Radialsystem was transformed into a time tunnel, a space with no solid walls. Films and images, performance and music told of the becoming and passing of all things and our very existence. In addition to Jonathan Dove’s song cycle for two choirs and piano from 2000, music by Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, John Dowland and Robert Heppener was also brought to life.


»Time Travellers« – the Documentary

»Time Travellers« – Trailer