Foto Liederbörse mit Grundschülern

Song Exchange

Song Exchange is the Sing-Along Concert for schoolchildren. Since 2006, Rundfunkchor Berlin has been inviting school choirs to join its professional singers in performance.

Three concerts,
approximately 30 school choirs,
over 1200 singing young people

From its origin as a single concert, the Song Exchange has developed into a sort of concert marathon. Every year, over 1200 children and young people from some 30 school choirs sing a widely varied programme in three concerts with Rundfunkchor Berlin. Singers from the Rundfunkchor Berlin visit rehearsals in the schools in the preliminary phase of the Song Exchange to arouse the students’ curiosity and work together with them on the repertoire of the Song Exchange.

On Saturday school choirs from Berlin primary schools will sing in two concerts centred on this year’s theme: »Journey Around the World«. Choirs from schools that participate in SING!, Rundfunkchor Berlin’s educational initiative, will also take part in the concerts. On Saturday evening the stage belongs to the school choirs of Berlin’s secondary schools. Benjamin Goodson, assistant to principal conductor Gijs Leenaars, will assume directorship of the Song Exchange in 2018.

Current Events
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Past Events
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