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Our »RundfunkchorLounge« is far more than a relaxed concert format in one of Berlin’s hottest event locations. In discussions with special guests and via the musical selection, we take up current and timeless topics concerning us all as an ensemble, and the whole of society. There will be three Lounges in the silent green Kulturquartier again this year, all presented by Gayle Tufts, the Berlin entertainer originally from New York, who has a great affinity for classical music.  The starting point of the first Lounge is the end of the First World War 100 years ago: it will take a look at the musical Berlin of the »golden« 20s. Along with the post-war mood of fresh departure, Berlin developed into an innovative musical metropolis, open to many influences. In the second Lounge we will devote ourselves to humour in music – which sometimes emerges from the text and sometimes through the  music alone, and occasionally even stems from the singers themselves. The season’s third Lounge will remember the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago – and the time when the Wall was still standing. Some of the compositions written at that time have been wrongly forgotten, and so during this evening we intend to provide insights into the music of the GDR, to which we feel an historical obligation.   Musically, the Lounges will be characterized by full ensemble work as well as chamber music formations; the respective guests will be announced shortly beforehand. As always, doors open at 7 pm and the program will begin at 7.30 pm. DJ Malfatti will provide suitably atmospheric lounge music.

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