RundfunkchorLounge »Abschied«

19:30 Heimathafen Neukölln Leider verpasst

»Abschied« – das Thema unserer letzten Lounge dieser Spielzeit klingt erst einmal gravitätisch und schwer. Dabei ist das Abschiednehmen ungemein schillernd und vielschichtig. Und welche Kunstform, wenn nicht die Musik, diese emotionalste aller Künste, kann von dieser Vielfalt erzählen? Sei es der Abschied für immer und die Trauer, sei es die vorübergehende Trennung und die Sehnsucht des Wiedersehens, das Gehenlassen oder das Festhalten; sei es so etwas konkretes wie der Kuss, der doch ebenso verabschiedet wie begrüßt, oder so etwas Großes und Allgemeines wie die Vergänglichkeit alles Irdischen oder gar der akzeptierende Gleichmut, nach dem etwa der Buddhismus strebt – in der Musik findet der Abschied in all seinen Schattierungen seinen Ausdruck. Neben der von Gijs Leenaars ausgewählten und von Mitgliedern des Rundfunkchores vorgetragenen Musik wird DJ Malfatti für die entsprechenden Lounge-Klänge sorgen. Und wie immer wird unsere erprobte Moderatorin Gayle Tufts durch den Abend führen.

Achtung Ortswechsel! Die RundfunkchorLounge findet im Heimathafen Neukölln statt.


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Rundfunkchor Berlin

Foto des Chefdirigenten Gijs Leenaars

Gijs Leenaars


Justus Barleben

Johannes Malfatti, DJ
Solist*innen des Rundfunkchores Berlin
Gayle Tufts, Moderation
Christina Bischoff, Sopran
Melinda Parsons, Sopran
Judith Simonis, Alt
Holger Marks, Tenor
Robert Franke, Tenor
Yongbeom Kwon, Countertenor
Philip Mayers, Klavier
Arnulf Ballhorn, Kontrabass
Kay Lübke, Schlagzeug


Hubert Parry

There is an old belief
aus "Songs of Farewell" für sechsstimmigen Chor a capella


There is an old belief,
That on some solemn shore,
Beyond the sphere of grief
Dear friends shall meet once more.
Beyond the sphere of Time and Sin
And Fate's control,
Serene in changeless prime
Of body and of soul.
That creed I fain would keep
That hope I'll ne'er forgo,
Eternal be the sleep,
If not to waken so.

Thomas Adès

The lover in Winter
vier Lieder für Countertenor und Klavier


Iam nocet frigus
Teneris et avis bruma leditur,
et Frilomena ceteris conqueritur
quod illis ignis eteris adimitur
Nec limpha caret alveus
Nec prata virent erbida
Solnostra fugit aureus confinia
Est inde dies niveus, nox frigida
Modo frigescit quiquid estego caleo
Immosic Michi cordi est quod ardeo Hic ignis
Tamen virgo est qua langeo

Nutritur ignis osculo
Et leni tactu virginis
In suo lucet occulo luxluminis nec
Est in toto seculo plus

Benjamin Britten

Abraham and Isaac
für Soloalt, Solotenor und Klavier


God speaks:
Abraham, my servant, Abraham,
Take Isaac, thy son by name,
That thou lovest the best of all,
And in sacrifice offer him to me
Upon that hill there besides thee.
Abraham, I will that so it be,
For aught that may befall.
My Lord, to Thee is mine intent
Ever to be obedient.
That son that Thou to me hast sent
Offer I will to Thee.
Thy bidding done shall be.
Here Abraham, turning him to his son Isaac, saith:
Make thee ready, my dear darling,
For we must do a little thing.
This woode do on thy back it bring,
We may no longer abide.
A sword and fire that I will take,
For sacrifice behoves me to make;
God’s bidding will I not forsake,
But ever obedient be.
Here Isaac speaketh to his father, and taketh a bundle of sticks
and beareth after his father, and saith:
Father, I am all ready
To do your bidding most meekely,
And to bear this wood full bayn am I,
As you commanded me.
Here they both go to the place to do sacrifice:
Now, Isaac son, go we our way
To yonder mount if that we may.
My dear father, I will essay
To follow you full fain.
Abraham being minded to slay his son Isaac, lifts up his hands, and saith the following:
O! My heart will break in three,
To hear thy words I have pitye;
As Thou wilt, Lord, so must it be,
To Thee I will be bayn.
Lay down thy faggot, my own son dear.
All ready father, lo, it is here.
But why make you such heavy cheer?
Are you anything adread?
Ah! Dear God! That me is woe!
Father, if it be your will,
Where is the beast that we shall kill?
Thereof, son, is none upon this hill.
Father, I am full sore affeared
To see you bear that drawne sword.
Isaac, son, peace, I pray thee,
Thou breakest my heart even in three.
I pray you, father, layn† nothing from me,
But tell me what you think.
Ah! Isaac, Isaac, I must thee kill!
Alas! Father, is that your will,
Your owne child for to spill
Upon this hilles brink?
If I have trespassed in any degree
With a yard you may beat me;
Put up your sword, if your will be,
For I am but a child.
Would God my mother were here with me!
She would kneel down upon her knee,
Praying you, father, if it may be,
For to save my life.
O Isaac, son, to thee I say
God hath commanded me today
Sacrifice, this is no nay,
To make of thy bodye.
Is it God’s will I shall be slain?
Yea, son, it is not for to layn.
Here Isaac asketh his father’s blessing on his knees, and saith:
Father, seeing you muste needs do so,
Let it pass lightly and over go;
Kneeling on my knees two,
Your blessing on me spread.
My blessing, dear son, give I thee
And thy mother’s with heart free.
The blessing of the Trinity,
My dear Son, on thee light.
Here Isaac riseth and cometh to his father, and he taketh him,
and bindeth and layeth him upon the altar to sacrifice him, and saith:
Come hither, my child, thou art so sweet,
Thou must be bound both hands and feet.
Father, do with me as you will,
I must obey, and that is skill,
Godës commandment to fulfil,
For needs so it must be.
Isaac, Isaac, blessed must thou be.
Father, greet well my brethren ying,
And pray my mother of her blessing,
I come no more under her wing,
Farewell for ever and aye.
Farewell, my sweete son of grace!
Here Abraham doth kiss his son Isaac, and binds a kerchief about his head.
I pray you, father, turn down my face,
For I am sore adread.
Lord, full loth were I him to kill!
Ah, mercy, father, why tarry you so?
Jesu! On me have pity,
That I have most in mind.
Now, father, I see that I shall die:
Almighty God in majesty!
My soul I offer unto Thee!
To do this deed I am sorrye.
Here let Abraham make a sign as tho’ he would cut off his son Isaac’s head with his sword; then …
God speaks:
Abraham, my servant dear, Abraham,
Lay not thy sword in no manner
On Isaac, thy dear darling.
For thou dreadest me, well wot I,
That of thy son had no mercy,
To fulfil my bidding.
Ah, Lord of heaven and King of bliss,
Thy bidding shall be done, i-wiss!
A horned wether here I see,
Among the briars tied is he,
To Thee offered shall he be
Anon right in this place.
Then let Abraham take the lamb and kill him.
Sacrifice here sent me is,
And all, Lord, through Thy grace.
envoi Such obedience grant us, O Lord!
Ever to Thy most holy word.
That in the same we may accord
As this Abraham was bayn;
And then altogether shall we
That worthy King in heaven see,
And dwell with Him in great glorye
For ever and ever. Amen

Doris Day

Do Do Do
für Solosopran, Trio und Chor


Give me another kiss, Baby,
Whadda you gonna miss, Baby?
Baby, won't you have a hug and do, do,
do what you've done, done, done before,
Baby, do, do, do what I do, do, do adore
Know, know, know, what a beau, beau, beau should do, Baby.
So don´t, don´t, don´t say it
Won´t, won´t, won´t come true, Baby!
Do it again, Baby, what you´ve done, done, done before.

Herman Hupfeld

As time goes bye
für Solosopran, Trio und Herrenchor


You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss.
A sigh is just a sigh;
The fundamental things apply,
As time goes by.
And when two lovers woo, they still say I love you,
On that you can rely;
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by
Moonlight and love songs never out of date,
Hearts full of passion jealousy and hate,
Woman needs man, and man must have his mate,
That no one can deny.
It′s still the same old story, a fight for love and glory,
A case of do or die,
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.

George Shearing

Lullaby of Birdland
für Solosopran, Frauenchor und Klavier


Lullaby of birdland that's what I

Always hear when you sigh

Never in my wordland could there be ways to repeal

In a phrase, how I feel
Have you ever heard two turtledoves

Bill and coo when they love

That's the kind of magic music we make with our lips

When we kiss
And there's a wheapy ol' willow

He really knows how to cry

That's how I'll cry on my pillow

If you should tell me farewell and goodbye
Lullaby of birdland
Whisper low, kiss me sweet and we'll go
Flyin' high in the birdland,
High in the sky up above
All because we're in love!
And there's a wheapy ol' willow

He really knows how to cry

That's how I'll cry on my pillow

If you should tell me farewell and goodbye
Birdland, birdland, birdland, lullaby!
Sing me to sleep and don't ask me why
I'm flying down to birdland to that sweet, sweet lullaby!
Swingin' down to birdland!
Down them stairs to that birdland lullaby!

Heinrich von Herzogenberg

Morgen muss ich weg von hier op. 14, No. 5
aus "Deutsches Liederspiel" für Solosopran, Solotenor, gemischten Chor und Klavier


"Morgen muß ich weg von hier
Und muß Abschied nehmen.
O, du allerhöchste Zier!
Scheiden, das bringt Grämen.
Da ich dich so treu geliebt
Über alle Maßen,
Soll ich dich verlassen."
"Fährst du dahin und läßt mich hier,
Was läßt du dann zur Letze mir,
Daß ich mich Leids ergötze?"
"Die rechte Lieb und Stätigkeit!
Meinst, ich sollte dich verlassen?
Du gefällst mir gar so wohl!"
"Morgen willst du weg von mir,
Abschied nehmen mit Gewalt?
O, du allerhöchste Zier!
Scheiden, das bringt Grämen."
Draußen sangen schon die Vögel
In dem Walde mannigfalt.
Saßen da zwei Turteltäublein,
Saßen wohl auf grünem Ast.
Wo sich zwei Verliebte scheiden,
Da vergehet Laub und Gras!
Laub und Gras, das mag verwelken,
Aber treue Liebe nicht!
Kommst mir wohl aus meinen Augen,
Doch aus meinem Herzen nicht.
Wenn zwei gute Freunde sind,
Die einander kennen,
Sonn' und Mond bewegen sich,
Eh' sie sich trennen!
Noch viel größer ist der Schmerz,
Wenn ein treu verliebtes Herz
In die Fremde zieht!

Marian Lux

The one that got away
für Sologesang, gemischten Chor und Trio


Do you ever wonder
Where the music goes
When the lights are shadows
After the curtains close
When the song is over
When there´s no one there
Just this feeling of fast forgetting
The way that used to care
Here inside my heartbeat
Here´s where you´ll stay
There´s a place reserved for
The one that got away
In the early morning
Just before the dawn
Sudden sweet surrender
Before I know you are gone
In a quiet moment
Silent luxury
All my memories lose there meaning
And you are still here with me
Here inside my heartbeat
Here´s where you´ll stay
There´s a place reserved for
The one that got away

Gustav Mahler

Transkription für achtstimmigen Chor von Clytus Gottwald


Es wecket meine Liebe
Die Lieder immer wieder;
Es wecken meine Lieder
Die Liebe immer wieder.
Die Lippen, die da träumen
Von deinen heißen Küssen,
In Sang und Liedesweisen
Von dir sie tönen müssen.
Und wollen die Gedanken
Der Liebe sich entschlagen,
So kommen meine Lieder
Zu mir mit Liebesklagen!
So halten mich in Banden
Die Beiden immer wieder:
Es weckt das Lied die Liebe,
Die Liebe weckt die Lieder.


Heimathafen Neukölln

Der Heimathafen Neukölln ist seit 2009 ein etablierter Ort für kulturelle Veranstaltungen in Berlin. Von Theateraufführungen über Konzerte bis hin zu politischen Debatten bietet das Haus im Herzen von Neukölln dem Publikum ein vielseitiges Programm. Der einst von einem Kollektiv aus zehn Frauen gegründete Heimathafen begreift sich selbst als "Untersuchungsraum" für die unterschiedlichsten Formate. Damit ist er der ideale Ort für unsere RundfunkchorLounges, die nicht nur mit überraschenden musikalische Elementen begeistern, sondern darüber hinaus auch Raum für anregende Gespräche bieten.


RundfunkchorLounge: what's it all about?

You’ve never experienced Rundfunkchor Berlin like this before. Starting in the 2016-17 season the Chamber Music series is presented in a new format. For members of the chorus that means: come down from the podium and into the lounge. For the public, it means: no longer only experiencing the singers in the classical concert situation, but now also meeting them in a relaxed conversational atmosphere.

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