Foto SING! in der Schule

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SING! in school

The SING! rehearsals focus on movement that fits the music as well as on singing. Gestures, mini-choreography and body percussion facilitate memorizing the texts.


SING! choirs are being established at all participating primary schools. Children from different class levels come together voluntarily once a week during regular teaching hours. The “JEKISS” method (“Jedem Kind seine Stimme” – “To every child, his/her voice”) forms the basis for singing: no printed music, but lots of movement. That simplifies learning the song texts and corresponds to the child’s natural urge to move. The choirs are directed by music-school teachers. Singing can be added to any subject – as a means of loosening up and creating space for new concentration.

The weekly SING! training is designed for teachers of all subjects. A song can loosen up any teaching period and create space for fresh concentration.


Teachers and educators are provided with the necessary tools in weekly SING! training sessions, which are officially recognized as further education by Berlin’s Senate Department of Education, Youth and Science. The benefits are sustainable: with the fund of songs and the help of the method they have learned, teachers and educators can carry on the work independently after the project ends.