Partners & Sponsors

Sponsoring Partnerships

Your Role with Rundfunkchor Berlin

Becoming a sponsoring partner opens up diverse new communications opportunities for you. Your commitment will enable you to reach many important target groups within our public, taking advantage of Rundfunkchor Berlin’s multifaceted media presence.

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Season Partner – principal sponsor for an entire season

Prominent exposure of the principal sponsor through comprehensive integration into all Rundfunkchor Berlin communications as well as opportunities in the areas of hospitality and events.

Project Partner – premium sponsor for a selected project

This offers considerable advantages during hospitality events surrounding the chosen project as well as elevated exposure by having a presence in your choice of possible activities of the Rundfunkchor Berlin.

Classic Partner – Classic sponsor for an agreed period

Promoting awareness through the offer of an attractive communications packet

Exclusive services for sponsors

  • Communications

Presence of sponsors in important Rundfunkchor Berlin communications, such as the website, social media, season brochures, posters and advertisements

  • Hospitality

Offer of various event options for sponsors and their guests, including tours, behind-the-scenes glimpses, meeting with the principal conductor

  • Dialog

Exclusive invitations to internal events

  • Tickets

Free or discounted tickets, guaranteed tickets and reservations and a personal contact person

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Are you interested in a long-term connection?

We’d be glad to help you define the scope and possibilities fo your contributions and ours.