Blick in die Philharmonie beim Mitsingkonzert

Mitsingkonzert 2018/19

Information for Participants

Sheet Music

It is not possible to obtain the sheet music from us. It is available from any music store. We recommend the following edition, which will also be used by the Rundfunkchor Berlin.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Requiem KV 626
Publisher: Bärenreiter
ISMN: 9790006450152
Edition number: BA 4538
Piano score (8.95 EUR)


We would like to point out that singing from photocopies of the score will not be permitted.


Opportunities to rehearse and practise offered by guest choirs


The Concert Choir (Konzertchor) Friedenau is again offering rehearsals to prepare for the sing-along concert in 2018/19. These rehearsals will be directed by Sergi Gili Solé. More detailed information at


It is possible to order practice CDs for all voice sections from the following website:


Timetable of the Sing-along Concert

10 am – 12 noon: piano rehearsal
1.30-3.30 pm: rehearsal with the Rundfunkchor Berlin, the orchestra, and the soloists
4 pm: concert


Further information for the performance

In these days it is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Initiated by the Chorverband Berlin, choirs from Belgium, France, Poland, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as alumni of the Peace Summer School will meet in this week, to carry into the world the wish for peace and European unity. The chosen vocal ensembles are members of network VoCE, connecting choirs from countries that formerly participated in the war.

The sing along concert 2018/19 of the Rundfunkchor Berlin stands for this uniting force of music. The Rundfunkchor Berlin has invited the vocal ensemble Musa Horti (Belgium) and the neuer chor berlin (Germany) to join the stage as representatives of the choirs of all nations. Together with all singers of this concert they will take a stand for the respectful and peaceful coexistence of people of different nations and religions.

Please note that the “Osanna” in the 5th and 6th movement will be sung by the Rundfunkchor Berlin together with the ensembles Musa Horti and the neuer chor berlin. The Latin text of the requiem will be sung with German pronunciation.


Audience Tickets

Audience tickets can be ordered from our visitor service; sales begin on September 3rd, 2018. Due to great demand, the purchase of audience tickets for the sing-along concert in 2018/19 will be limited to 2 tickets per person. Audience tickets are only available over the telephone. Please ring:

Tel. 030-20 29 87 22.