Berlin International Masterclass for Choral Conducting

Application for Berlin International Masterclass 2023

The online application is possible until 15 April 2023. Applications for non-conducting students are possible until 6 November 2023.

Please note the following when you apply:

Only applications using the online form will be accepted.

Please submit the following documents:

For active master students

1. Curriculum vitae

in English or German

(musical activities, current experiences as a professional conductor, musical training, certifications, repertoire list, teachers, completed courses, prizes)


2. Brief biography

max. 800 characters, suitable for publication


3. Current photo

c. 10 cm x 15 cm, suitable for publication


4. video link

Upload a video recording on youtube. The video represents your current status and working method in both musical and didactic respects. The recording may show work with either an amateur or a professional chorus.

The recording should contain:

a rehearsal, as recent as possible, in which you give instructions, conduct, interrupt, comment and resume rehearsing. Both you as conductor and the singers should be alternately or simultaneously visible.
a concert performance or CD recording, as recent as possible, with work of 5 to 7 minutes duration without interruption.
your face and your hands. If only your back is visible, evaluation will not be possible.
The total playing time of your video should be at least 20 and no more than 30 minutes.


5. Explanation of the video

In a separate letter, please describe your relationship with the chorus: How often have you conducted them? How experienced are the singers? How many rehearsals preceded the recorded rehearsal or performance? Why did you choose this work for this chours?


For non-conducting master students

Brief biography